All moms are working moms. Child Care Partners is honoring working mothers as an indispensable part of our community, beginning on March 7th with a proclamation at the City Council meeting. We are celebrating the breadwinners and the breadmakers, the educators and the role models, those resilient, inspirational fixtures in our children’s lives.

We recognize all moms on this day because of their immense personal sacrifice and incredible work ethic. Yet, motherhood looks different for all of us, whether we work in an office, a school, or the home. Child Care Partners is raising awareness about each working mom’s unique challenges and the remarkable ways they tackle them. These spectacular women are more important than ever, especially in today’s rapidly changing world.

Working Mothers Deserve our Thanks!
In 2018, Welch’s surveyed 2,000 American mothers with kids between 5 and 12 years of age. The study revealed that the average mother starts her day at 6:23 a.m. and doesn’t finish her work until 8:31 p.m. working a 14-hour day, seven days a week. Working moms across our nation clock in 98 hours every week, equivalent to working 2.5 full-time jobs, and they aren’t given the luxury of days off. In addition to their responsibilities as mothers, 70% of women with children under 18 participate in today’s labor force. At great personal sacrifice, the working mothers of the world make substantial contributions to our nation’s economic growth and the increasing strength of the American family!

CCP will be kicking off celebrating and honoring working moms on March 7th with a Proclamation and will begin taking nominations for your favorite working mom! Nominations will be accepted online until March 31st. The campaign will culminate on May 12th, just in time for Mother’s Day, with the Arthur B Williams Luncheon honoring working moms. Arthur B. Williams was a fantastic working mom who spent her life breaking down barriers for African American women with the utmost honor, decorum, and excellence. All as she raised her own daughter. She was a trailblazer throughout her career and was the first female African American City Councilor and the first African American Justice of the Peace of the City of Wichita Falls. Her passion was for the city’s children throughout her career and after retirement. She served them as a Child Care Partners board member and volunteered for over 40 years. She was inducted into the North Texas Women’s Hall of Fame and was named 2001 Wichitan of the Year. In recognition of her barrier-breaking efforts in service to her community, in 2019, the Museum of North Texas History named her a Legend of North Texas. Child Care Partners is proud to honor her legacy by celebrating the women like her who fill our wonderful community.